Posted in: 08/03/2019

The Car Part That Gives No Warning When It Is Dying

Unfortunately, car batteries don’t tell drivers when they are about to die. Many times they stop working when you most need them. Like on a cold winter day or right before a planned trip.

You can give the battery a charge but if it does not work, it is probably because the battery needs to be replaced. Batteries usually last from 4 to 6 years. Verify the label affixed to the battery or read the battery manufacturer instructions on how to proceed to replace it.

Replacing a battery is a relatively easy task, which can save time and money if you do it yourself. Read on about how to replace it:

Many vehicles have anti-theft security codes which many drivers might not know.

If you don’t type a specific 5-digit code in the radio interface, before removing the old battery, you will not be able to use the radio again until the security code is entered. This is done to discourage crooks from stealing your radio. The radio will be useless without the code.

Many drivers will replace the battery without paying attention to the security code. This code can be found either on the car owner’s manual or can be obtained by contacting the car dealer.

When you install the new battery, make sure you place it correctly. After that, connect the terminals starting by the positive one and then the negative one. Never invert the cables. It can damage the electronic system of the car.



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