Posted in: 08/04/2019

What Can Happen If You Drive with Headlights Turned off

Each state with its own traffic laws has a topic on driving at night and the correct use of the headlights. Conducting a vehicle with low visibility due to the poor conditions of the outside lights is the principal cause of accidents at night. On top of that, from dusk to dawn, you must have your beams on or you will get a fine. Remember, in Massachusetts, even during the day, you must have your headlights on if the weather conditions are bad.

Traffic violations related to the use of the headlights

Cars are not the same. Some states, according to their regulations, offer drivers the opportunity of fixing the equipment that is not working properly. Including the headlights. This is considered a correctable violation.

Correctable violations

Also known as Fix-it tickets. Those tickets will request the conductor to fix the equipment problem described in the ticket. Then a signature from a city worker, like a police officer, attesting that the problem was solved is required in order to have the citation removed from the conductor’s driver’s record and the fine cancelled.

Non-correctable violations 

There are other cases, considering the night driving, in which the application of the law will be less indulgent. Especially cases where the driver’s actions may place other drivers and pedestrians in danger. For those violations most states will place points in the conductor’s driving record. 

An attorney can help preventing your burnt headlight citation from becoming something more serious in your driving records. Don’t forget that the points to your record can add up and thus result in driver’s license suspension. Being quick in fixing any mechanical or electrical failure in your car can help you removing those citations from your records after you have the proof of correction properly signed.



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