Posted in: 10/04/2019

Take a look at the future… In less than Ten Years, One in Six Cars Sold Will Be Electric

At least one in six cars sold in the world will be electric until 2025, according to a UBS global research released recently. And if the 2017 trend is kept, those cars have a better chance to have the Tesla brand than the BMW one.

By the middle of the next decade, the global sale of electric vehicles will reach 16.5 million, said the analysts leaded by Patrick Hummel in the research. An increase of 16% if compared to the previous estimate. They predict electric vehicles will represent 16% of all sold cars. The previous figure was 14%.

“The change to electric cars will be faster and in a more pronounced way, influenced by the disappearing of diesel in Europe, technologic advances and the regulation of the battery in China and Europe”, say the experts. Europe will have the highest number of EVs, approaching 30% of the new cars sold.

Established car manufacturers like BMW and Daimler are spending billions in a race to gain space in the growing market of electric cars. They hope their effort help them sell more cars than newer manufacturers like Tesla, which concentrates its deals in the electric vehicle market only.   

One of the reasons behind this updated prediction is a new double credit policy in China which makes mandatory the production and sale of electric vehicles, according to the UBS research. If interviewed, people in China would probably say they were considering buying an electric car in 58% of the times. The Germans were the least probable with 14%. The higher than expected sales of the EV in 2017 helped increase the prediction, said the experts.

Hummel expects Tesla to take more advantage in the hike of the electric vehicles sale, since the company with its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, had the highest increase in credibility in the EV brand in the research. BMW, with its headquarters in Munique, could suffer the most, with the expansion of Tesla, since the BMW 3 series is seen as the closest competition to the Tesla Model 3.

Still, the expansion of Tesla is not guaranteed, according to the research, since the premium brands which didn’t release their own electric car yet, like Audi and Porsche, are still ahead of Tesla in the consumers’ preference.



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