Posted in: 19/09/2019

How to Protect the Investment in Your Car

The technology of the automotive engine advanced from purely mechanical devices that need periodical adjustment to sophisticated systems controlled by computer.

The same can be said about practically all of the principal systems present in the cars today, from brakes to the transmission. In reality, to be an automotive technician nowadays, it is necessary to commit yourself to a life of training just to keep up with the technology improvements.

Lube for life

The engine is the heart of your car. Probably the most expensive part to repair, if something goes wrong. The modern electronic controls eliminated many adjustments we used to call “tweaks”. It iis now a complete checkup, where the major part of the work involved has to do with verifying the proper functions of the computer controlled systems.

although it is true the new cars work cleaner than ever, the engine and all the related control systems must be kept working exactly as they were planned. That will avoid the increase of engine emissions and a series of conducting issues.

Keep it legal

Today’s cars are faster than older models. With the tendency to reduce the size of the vehicle components, the components of the cooling system are required to do more than the equivalent older ones. 

Best thing you can do to keep your cooling system working with maximum efficiency is to replace the refrigerant according to the manufacturer recommendations. Although some of the newer antifreezes last longer, they always lose efficiency with time. When you replace the refrigerant periodically, you will make the corrosion inhibitors fresher and more efficient, helping to eliminate corrosion that accumulates inside the cooling system.



Know our services

We are a shop that offers complete repair and painting services. Your vehicle is completely restored, regardless if the accident was either simple or severe to the extension of damaging your vehicles structure. Our licensed shop offers guarantees for all the completed work done in a timely manner to have your vehicle back on the roads, as soon as possible.

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You can’t predict when your car will leave you stranded on the road or when an accident will occur. Always remember that Simon’s Auto Body is the best solution when you find yourself in a situation like this.

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Of course you love your car, but you also like to keep your daily schedule and fulfill your commitments, right? So while your car is being restored, a rental car can be a great advantage!

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Painting is one of the most delicate steps in the process of recovering a car. It requires qualified professionals to complete the job.

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These minor damages that occurred from daily use to your vehicle can result in extra costs. Come to Simon's Auto Body, where we check your bumper car from front to back, taking care of all the small details.

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If you received a letter requisition a pre-inspection of your vehicle during your insurance renewal, rest assured because it’s a procedure that has become more common each year.

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Did you know that when your lease agreement expires, or if you choose to change your car, an inspector has a check list ready to check your vehicle? The inspector evaluates broken parts to small scratches and dents that could easily be corrected.

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Here at Simon's Auto Body we repair all types of windshields, from front to rear in any model of car or truck.

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Car detailing goes beyond cleaning your car. Detailing is very common in the United States and Europe. Simon's Auto Body offers the best detailing service in the Framingham region, leaving your car with a 0km feeling. We provide pleasure and satisfaction in driving a clean and fresh car.

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