Posted in: 28/12/2020

Protect Your Car against the Accumulated Salt from Winter

In the rigorous winter, salt on the road is everywhere. But there are ways to protect your car from its damaging effects. There is data showing there are billions of dollars in losses directly caused by salt in cars, roads, sidewalks, bridges, septic systems, vegetation, etc every year. Even though other less damaging options are available, using salt has the great advantage of being cheap. Probably it is going to keep being used across the board by the public service companies for a long time.


Drivers who don’t mind keeping a thick layer of silt and mud from the road over their cars will have problems later on. When this layer melts down, a great part of the salt will stay where they are. That’s when a slow and insidious attack against metal and rubber starts.


Brakes are particularly vulnerable. Rotors always keep a fresh metallic surface which is ideal for salt-action. It causes oxidation on the calipers.


Tips to make your car last longer:

Have your car washed thoroughly at least once a month during wintertime. The most important wash of the year is the one done in May, once the April rains finally washed away the last salt from winter. Don’t forget to include the undercarriage in this wash.


Go to a place where they offer water jets going from bottom-up and some going sideways, covering the whole undercarriage extent.


Even if your car is running well, you should have an anti-oxidant product applied to your brake lines, fuel lines, and other vulnerable areas. Make su

re the service includes cleaning the area to be treated prior to the application of the chemical products.



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