We are a shop that offers complete service in automotive collision repair and auto painting. Here your car is completely repaired regardless if it was a scratch or fender-bender or something heavier to the point of damaging the car structure.


Your car does not exactly have a set schedule of when it will leave you stranded on the road or when an accident will happen. Remember that Simon's Auto Body is the perfect solution for when you get stuck in a situation like this. Our company offers 24 hours of assistance and towing.

Auto Rental

We understand you love your car; but you also like to keep your daily agenda and fulfill your commitments. That’s why when your car is being repaired, a rental car can be a great advantage. What to say if you can setup everything in one place? You leave your car to be repaired at Simon’s Auto Body and resume your busy day in a rental car. We offer our customers a line of rental cars.

Welcome to Simon's Auto Body

A car accident is always unpleasant. After the frequent argument about “who is to blame” it is common that the drivers don’t know what the next step to take is. At this moment, with no fear or worry, you should call Simon’s Auto Body, the best in repairing and painting. At Simon’s Auto Body, you count on an organized company structure with administrative personal and repair technicians. In addition, it is always worth to remember that Simon’s Auto Body recognizes and shares the passion the people have for their automobiles, resulting on a high level of expectations regarding the service performed in their cars.


Quality Service in Framingham.


We will help you contact your insurance company.


Don’t Worry! We have body shop estimators who have more than 60 years of experience combined.


You will be surprised when you see your car ready to go.


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We are proud to show the total satisfaction of some of our customers.

  • “Wonderful work, perfect and with top quality. Irrepressible customer service! A crew of workers committed to customer satisfaction at every moment. Always a smile in the face, warm treatment, just like Brazilian people are indeed! Despite not wishing to go through another accident, I would like to be able to count on the Simon’s Auto Body family again. From the owner to the office people and to every worker who always tried to do their best I say: Thank you so much. #CuiabanaFeliz #Meucarrodevolta”

    Clicia Buzzetti  02/25/2017
  • “When I came to Simon’s Auto Body it was not one of the happiest moments of my life because I had just crashed my car. Despite that, as soon as I met Simon’s team of workers and the attention and care of everybody there, specially Simon’s, they quickly made me forget the bad moments I had just gone through. Thank you to all Simon’s crew and my car got out of there in perfect condition.”

    Cida Meireles  04/01/2017
  • “Since my first contact with Simon’s Auto Body, my experience was unique. Customer service of the highest quality, excellent environment. It stands out how committed to the customers they are. The result was outstanding, way above my expectations. The insurance company didn’t want to pay for the repair of my car and Simon with all his experience and competence made the difference. He solved the problem fast and objectively, sparing me from headaches and stress. Simon’s Auto Body, this one I recommend, this one I approve.”

    Diogo Gomes  04/14/2017
  • “Due to my love for sports cars I frequently have problems on snowy days. A scratch here, a little fender-bender there. Simon's Auto Body crew is my peace of mind! The best solutions with safety while proportioning me the highest quality service.”

    Jonata Coradini  11/09/2016