We are an Auto Body shop that offers full service in collision repair and painting. Here your car is completely repaired regardless if it was a scratch or fender-bender or something deeper to the point of damaging the car structure.

Our licensed shop offers warranty on all the work we do and a fast well-done service in order of proportioning your car to be back to the streets as fast as possible.

Our repair of collision services include:

  • Repair from collision
  • Structural repairs
  • Fiberglass and plastic repairs
  • Recovering or replacement of panels
  • Windshield and any other auto glass replacement
  • Recovering or replacement of bumpers
  • Upholstery repairs (leather, cloth and vinyl)
  • Corrosion repairs
  • Wheels repairs


Phase 1: An initial estimate is given based on visible damage. Additional damage may be assessed after the car has been taken apart.

Phase 2: The initial estimate is turned over to your insurance agency. A price of repairs agreement is reached unless the vehicle is deemed ‘unrepairable’ or ‘totaled’. Once a price is settled upon, we can begin disassembly.

Phase 3: The vehicle is taken apart and any additional damage or structural damage is assessed. If significant damage is found, the insurance agency may need to be re-contacted for approval.

Phase 4: We order required parts and make necessary arrangements if special or manufacturer -only parts are needed. Once all parts arrive, the repair/ rebuild process will commence.

Phase 5: Structural repairs must be completed first. Once the frame of your car meets original manufacturing specifications we can proceed with the next phase of repair. If significant damage is found, the insurance agency may need to be re-contacted for approval.

Phase 6: Time to repair the body. Our auto body restoration specialists match and align metal panels and the car begins to take shape. Moving on to paint.

Phase 7: Raw auto panels are prepared for paint with primer and sealer. Computer-matched paint is applied and the final coats ensure long lasting rich color.

Phase 8: Vehicle finishing pieces are applied and a full vehicular operations test is performed. This test includes road testing to ensure safe vehicle operations. The vehicle can now begin the final step before delivery.

Phase 9: A clean up is performed to remove any dust or dirt that may have collected while your vehicle was being restored.

Phase 10: Your vehicle is ready for pick-up! Once you arrive at the shop your dedicated auto body technician will review all work completed and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the condition of your vehicle.