How to Avoid Bad Habits When You Drive an Automatic Car

How to Avoid Bad Habits When You Drive an Automatic Car

Driving an automatic car is more intuitive than driving a manual one; but you still can mess up parts of your car. Here are the main things you should not do when you handle an automatic transmission.

Never go down a hill in neutral: The modern auto transmissions reduce the fuel used by the engine on its own, therefore if you place your car in neutral, you will not be saving any gas. Besides you need to control the vehicle which does not happen with the gear in neutral.

Never change gear without a full stop: Make sure the car is completely stopped before changing/reversing gears. Otherwise you will be using the transmission to stop the vehicle, which is the work of the brakes.

Be careful when you turn your car off: watch closely when you change gears not to place it in forward mode with the car still on. The vehicle would jump forward. It is a quick way to wear your transmission bands off. (they are expensive to replace)

Don’t put your car in neutral on a stop sign: this would not save any gas. Some gas, (if any) could still be used by the transmission.

Don’t place the gear in P mode (parked) before you reach a full stop: Some cars would not allow you to do that, but you should not do that anyways. It might damage or break the lock pin, which is there to protect your transmission for being used by accident.

Not everyone who drives an automatic car knows how it works or knows the damages he or she can cause with habits that apparently are inoffensive. The recommended advices and practices above may help keeping you safe on the road and prolong the useful life of your vehicle. 

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