How to Make Your Tires Last Longer

How to Make Your Tires Last Longer

Would you like to spend your hard earned money in a new set of tires? Unless you are a tire enthusiastic, probable the answer is no. If you want to prolong the useful life of your tires and make your car drive better and safer, follow these quick advices.

 Verify the air pressure in your tires once a month

 This is the best advice to make your tires last longer: keep them with the correct air pressure. Wrong air pressure may make the stop distance after hitting the brakes longer, accelerate the waste of the tires and make the risk of an explosion higher.

Every month the tires may lose up to 1 PSI (pound per square inch)
During wintertime, the air pressure might go down with the lower temperatures
During summertime, the higher the ambient temperature the higher the tire pressure. The correct air pressure improves the fuel consumption. Tires with lower pressure mean you are obtaining a lower mileage per gallon, which means you are buying more gas than you need.
Rotate your tires every 5 thousand miles

In most cars only one or two wheels “drive” the car each time. This can cause uneven tire waste. For instance, the front wheel drive cars, the front tires wear off faster. In the rear wheel drive cars the rear wheels waste faster. Even four wheel drive cars have uneven tire waste since the traction in each tire is usually different.

Verify the alignment of the direction twice an year.

The misalignment of the tires might cause irregular side traction in them. If your car direction pulls to the right or left, or if the steering wheel vibrates or moves irregularly, your car might have a misalignment problem. Your car could even be driving well and still be out of alignment. When you hit the curb with your tires, go over a street hole or hit the brakes too hard, the result might be an alignment problem. A minimum misalignment may increase the fuel consumption and make the contact of the tires with the road irregular. For more details contact our shop.

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