Car Insurance Company and some “deals”. Be alert.

Car Insurance Company and some “deals”. Be alert.

You probably heard or read about new technologies present in new vehicles. Nowadays there is auto damage adjusters hired by the insurance company to inspect the car before and after the repairs are done. They also perform specific procedures recommended by the manufacturer.

Car manufacturers are alert to the theme, recognizing the need of checking the conditions of the cars being inspected in details, by verifying their Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) in many circumstances, even after light collisions

The repair shops must follow the guidelines of the manufacturers. It is important to bring the car to the condition it had right before the accident, focusing on safety of the driver and other occupants of the vehicle. By extension this will also protect the maintenance of the repair business by avoiding consequences from negligent conducts. 

We all know how insurance companies are competitive with each other, seeking to offer customers the best insurance deal at a lower price than the competition. We also see our field of business as slow to adopt new repair methodologies and even slower to keep prices down when changes on those methodologies are needed.   

It is not unusual that work conclusions in repair shops be in conflict with repair information and procedures established by the manufacturer. There are plenty of dialogues between insurance representatives and mechanics in those issues. The car manufacturers determined the procedures, not the shops or the car dealers. When seeking for precise and professional repair information, consult the manufacturer.

The repair documentation showed by the repair shop to the insurance company might not be enough to have the repair approved. The manufacturer repair procedures documentation must be shown to the insurance company in order to obtain the approval of the payment. Most of this information from the manufacturer is already present in the website of the repair shop. 

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