Cars Made by Toyota, Honda and Other Brands in Serious Risk after the Aluminum Scandal

Cars Made by Toyota, Honda and Other Brands in Serious Risk after the Aluminum Scandal

 Millions of cars made by Toyota and Honda could be in higher risk of collision after it was revealed they are involved in the “Kobe Steel” scandal, according to “The Sun” newspaper.

The manufacturers said aluminum with the incorrect classification was used in its cars for the last 10 years.

The scandal was found out after Kobe Steel, one of the biggest world producers of aluminum, revealed the company has released wrong evaluation results for strength and durability on their aluminum.

Kobe Steel CEO, Hiroya Kawasaki, said last week that the fabrication of the company’s data may have spread beyond Japanese frontiers, as informed by the Reuters Agency. Japanese Government ordered all information available about the misconduct practice and the worry with safety to be revealed. This caused panic throughout the global aluminum supply chains.

Hiroya Kawasaki told the press this scandal of manipulation of test results turned Kobe Steel credibility to “zero”, adding more to the crisis in the steel industries and on the quality control processes in the manufacturer industry in Japan.

Toyota revealed they used the product in doors and other panels in the cars.

Honda stated the suspicious metal was used in doors and hoods.

Mazda and Mitsubishi cars might be involved in the scandal.

Kobe steel also works with Nissan, Subaru, Ford and General Motors.

A Spokesman from Toyota declared, “We are working quickly to determine which car models might be subjected to this situation and which components were used.           

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