Which Cars Are Considered the Safest and the Most Unsafe?

Which Cars Are Considered the Safest and the Most Unsafe?

A recent study pointed to the brands and models of car that went through more accidents in three years. According to the study, Kia Rio had the highest rate of death per million of cars – 149. This post is to alert the readers about their choices. Therefore there is not any commercial interest in the cited car brands. The nine vehicles with “zero” death are Audi A4, Honda Odyssey, Kia Sorrento, Lexus RX 350, Mercedes-Benz Class GL, Subaru Legacy, Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Toyota Sequoia and Volvo XC90.

 What are the features of the safest cars? 

One of the common ground among the safest cars is their size. Seven out of the ten safest cars were classified as big size or SUVs. One was a minivan and two cars were medium size. From the most unsafe, four were mini cars and four were small cars. While vehicles that went through more accidents were usually considered cheaper cars, the size was one of the main factors. Most cars on the ten most unsafe list were mini cars or small cars. In general the larger vehicles are considered better choices for safety. It also has to do with the structure of the vehicles. Honda uses Advanced Compatibility Engineering Body Structure technology, which makes front collision safer.     

The introduction of antilock brakes and side airbags also made cars safer on the road. Other accomplishments include advanced front air bags and safety warnings such as the tire pressure monitoring system. Make your research before you buy a car. Check websites, read about the vehicle history in websites such as and the ranking for the vehicles in different kind of accidents. If the desired model rates 5-star in safety, that’s a good starting point. The website above gives information on how to prevent head on and overtaking collisions. It also shows what the federal legislation requires for safety.

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