The Woman Who Made Driver Visibility Easier.

The Woman Who Made Driver Visibility Easier.

A great idea can make a world revolution but they won’t produce results until blood and sweat be given as down payment. If you are not willing to pay the price it takes, forget the idea, because it might become a reminder of your constant failure. This was the reality of two female inventors. One of them was Charlotte Bridgwood, who invented the automatic windshield wiper.

During a period where women did not have rights or credibility, they did the strangest things – they invented! In truth, their inspirations soon become a necessity for all cars. The windshield wipers may look like nothing for us now, but without them, driving would be almost impossible on rainy or snowy days.

Even when it is not raining or snowing, there are bugs to be considered. Literally! In some roads, with annoying flyers coming your way, you will be very thankful for windshield wipers.

In 1903, Mary Anderson invented the first manual wipers, but saw her idea drown in copyright protection when she could not sell it to companies. Who would buy it?

A great idea would not die that easy. In 1917, Charlotte Bridgwood reinvented the windshield wipers making it automatic. However, there was lots of resistance. Maybe it was not enough to invent something and say “here it is”. They have to shout:  “Here it is, I did it and I feel proud about it!”

This is one more character on the series that retract the importance of women in the automobile industry. Despite what many people think, women know a lot about cars. They make the difference.

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