Nissan Keeps Using Non Certified Inspectors even after the Misconduct was Flagged

Nissan Keeps Using Non Certified Inspectors even after the Misconduct was Flagged

Nissan assumed having done non certified vehicle verifications recently – even after this misconduct have been flagged, according to a document released by the Reuters Agency.

Nissan plants mass produced inspection documents for new vehicles.

 According to the Reuters Agency, an internal investigation pointed to the mistake in a Nissan affiliated plant last October 11th.

 During a Press Conference in the beginning of this month, the CEO Hiroto Saikawa said that only certified technicians do verifications since September 20th.

Despite that, two non certified technicians did inspections in one of the plants, even after the date above, confessed the car manufacturer on Wednesday, resulting in about 3,800 affected vehicles. 

The shipping of vehicles produced in the plant located in Shonan was suspended after the problem was noted. Then it resumed on October 16th

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