What Are the Punishments to Those who Drive Over the Speed Limit in Massachusetts?

What Are the Punishments to Those who Drive Over the Speed Limit in Massachusetts?

Like in any American state, in Massachusetts the rule is simple: No person can drive a vehicle over a reasonable and adequate speed, considering the traffic ahead and the safety of others.

Punishment for exceeding the speed limit:

A transgressor, flagged for the first time, can receive a fine of at least US$50. If he or she goes over the speed limit in 10 MPH or more, an additional fine of US$10 per mile over the limit of the place where the infraction happened will be applied.

Punishment for reckless driving

It can be applied on the very first time it happens:

- Fine from US$20 to US$200; imprisonment from two weeks to two years; suspended license for at least 60 days.

Speed limits:

At most American highways the speed limit is US$65. In Massachusetts this is the limit in any highway in all its extension up to the border with other American states.


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