Do You Have a SUV or Are You Considering Buying One? Then These Tips Are for You

Do You Have a SUV or Are You Considering Buying One? Then These Tips Are for You

Most drivers consider buying a car with stability, safety, space… One thing is sure – SUVs last longer, run with more efficiency and hold a higher resale value, when they are properly kept and serviced. When you consider the state of Massachusetts you can certainly conclude that the rigorous winter demands the consumer to have a SUV.

To those drivers who are too busy in their daily life that they are not willing to follow their car maintenance schedule, the experts from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), a non-profit organization, offer some tips on how to chose a repair shop.

Start by learning more about the repair shops near you before you need one.

Ask friends and people who are members of local consumer organizations for recommendation.    

Make plans in advance for alternative transport so that you don’t feel forced to pick a repair shop based exclusively on how close it is to where you live.

Look for an organized shop, with vehicles properly parked in parking places outside, with plenty of equipment denoting commitment in providing the best services to you, the customer.

Look for an attentive crew of workers who show good will to answer all your questions.

At the places you visit, look for posted signs which inform how much they charge per hour, their diagnose costs, warranties, forms of payment accepted by them, etc.

Ask if they normally perform the services you need from them at the moment.

Start by bringing them your car for simpler services first, and then request more complex work, if you are satisfied with their work.

Look for professionalism signs in the customer service area, such as awards of recognition (sometimes there are posted signs on the walls of the shop), for work excellence or customer service excellence.

All of that you can find in one single place. Visit the Car Hospital. Consult Simon’s Auto Body.

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