How to Diagnose a Problem that Can Bring Serious Consequences to Your Car

How to Diagnose a Problem that Can Bring Serious Consequences to Your Car

You may be driving down the road or sitting on your car waiting for a traffic light, when you notice the needle of your engine temperature gauge going higher and higher. If you wait for long enough, you may watch the vapor coming from under the hood. Your engine is overheating.

Problems on your car’s cooling system can start anytime and they always seem to happen at the worst moments. If you feel your car is in trouble, learn here what to look for to identify the problem and in some cases fix it by yourself.

Learn how the cooling system works

The cooling system of your car was made to keep the engine temperature constant. If your car is working at extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold), it can cause serious troubles.

Find what is wrong

If your car starts well and the temperature keeps rising till it is too hot and doesn’t go down, there can be a lot of different problems with your car.

If any component fails, a number of problems can occur. Knowing the signs every component fail can bring, may help you finding its causes.

Verify the temperature at the radiator’s hoses

When the engine overheats, use a temperature gun to verify the reading on both radiator hoses. If you think they need to be replaced, ask a certified technician to do it for you.

Verify if there is a leak

A leak in the cooling system will make your engine overheat. Any leaks must be repaired before they cause serious damage to the engine.

Check if your water pump is working

When the water pump fails, the refrigerant will not circulate from the radiator to the engine and vice versa, causing engine overheating.

Step 1: Let the engine cool down. Park your vehicle.

Step 2: Remove the radiator cap. The radiator cap is the pressure cover of the cooling system. Remove it and be careful not to lose it.

Tip: If the refrigerant is not circulating, you might need a new water pump. Test the water pump after you make sure the thermostat is working.

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