How to Reduce Car Insurance Cost for Teenagers

How to Reduce Car Insurance Cost for Teenagers

Teenagers are involved in more car accidents and get more traffic fines than any other class age of drivers. As a result, insurance costs for teenager drivers are way over the average. Still, there are ways to reduce the additional costs of car insurance to the youngest drivers.

Don’t buy a separate insurance policy to the new driver. Add him or her to your insurance police and list them as occasional driver instead of primary driver. The additional cost you are going to have will be lower and you can benefit from the discount given in insurance policy for multiple cars.

Advise your kid to keep the school grades high. Many insurance companies offer discounts for teenager drivers with good school grades. If your kid has a GPA grade of 3.0 or higher that’s even better. Don’t forget to check if they offer discounts for students.

Enroll your young driver in a drivers’ training course. Not all states require a young driver to take an official driving course. If you live on a state where taking a driving course is required to obtain a driver’s license, consider enrolling your kid in such a course. It may help reducing the insurance costs.

Enroll your kid on an advanced driver training course. In states where the conclusion of a basic training course is a pre requisite for the obtaining of a driver’s license, you may want to enroll him or her on an advanced course afterwards as well. It might open the door to more insurance discounts.

Place your young driver on a small car. Naturally they would prefer driving more attention magnet cars, like sports cars and SUVs. They would increase the insurance premium though. A 4-cylinder family sedan has lower maintenance cost. Therefore it is a better choice. You will save in insurance costs and your kid will be more protected in case of an accident.

Besides following the tips above to reduce car insurance for teenagers, there are other things you can do to reduce the total premium costs. You can raise your deductible value; pay your premium all at once instead of in monthly installments; eliminate unnecessary coverage for antique cars.

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