Calibrate the Gauge of the Air Pressure Pump You use in Your Tires to Avoid Problems on the Road.

Calibrate the Gauge of the Air Pressure Pump You use in Your Tires to Avoid Problems on the Road.

Using a calibrated air pressure pump is an important step on the maintenance of your car. Incorrect readings on it can lead to all cause of tire problems, including a tire explosion. Anybody who had a tire explosion knows it is definitely not a good experience, especially when driving at a high speeds. It is possible to calibrate the air pressure pump to guarantee you have the correct air pressure in your tires every moment. To do that you need some physical space and some available time.

Step 1

Remove the tip of the air pressure pump hose from its hanger and place it on the ground. Place a measuring tape side by side with the hose. Use a marker to mark some points of the hose: 10 meter, 20 meter and 25 meter (32.8 feet, 65.6 feet and 82.0 feet).

Step 2

Keep the hose straightened up on the ground. It is important to keep it as straight and as free of torsion as possible. At ground level, connect the hose pipe to the tire.

Step 3

If at 10 meter (32.8 ft) distance from the pump itself, your gauge doesn’t show 1.4233 PSI or something close to that, then calibrate your gauge accordingly and start over from step 2. If it seems impossible to reach the correct reading, chances are you have a defective air pump and need to use another one.

Step 4

Even though many of us depend on gas station air pumps, it is common sense that the air pressure readings vary. This led to the increase of sales of digital air pumps. Some of them are accurate, some are not. If you are thinking on buying a digital air pump, do your home work by making sure you buy one with good reviews from trustworthy mechanical shops. It is also possible to calibrate your air pump professionally.  Some shops will do that for a cost.

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