Star Player from the NE Patriots Will Become a Luxury Car

Star Player from the NE Patriots Will Become a Luxury Car

This post is dedicated to the New England Patriot fans. The luxury car brand Aston Martin just released for sale a special model – Tom Brady Signature Edition – promising the first delivery to the beginning of next year.

The convertible brings Brady’s personally suggested changes on their Vanquish S Volante model. Production is limited to 12 cars in all, costing US$359,950 each.

“We started with a blank canvas and finished with a beautiful car”, said the quarterback of the New England Patriots during a press release. “It’s been great to see it all come to fruition.”

The car has an ultramarine dark leather interior and paddle shift tips made of California Poppy leather.

Brady’s signature is present on the door panels and its “TB12” logo which can be spotted all around the car, including the bumpers and in raised embroidering on the headrests.

The 5-time Super Bowl champion athlete signed an deal with Aston Martin last May, after more than a year of negotiations with the car company.

With the orientation of Marek Reichman, Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer, Brady personalized his car.

“When he does something in the field, he sees the results immediately” said Richman to ESPN.  “His world is very short in terms of timing. So one thing he made clear to us was that he wanted to be able to make a move and feel the immediacy of performance."

Despite the high price and the fact that Aston Martin only make 12 of those cars, the executives of the British car manufacturer feel that Brady’s signature was a great move.

“This car touches people through a voice in Tom that they understand”, said Reichman. "He speaks English in an American's English, and he's telling the world why he loves our product. It's as simple as that."

Brady’s deal doesn’t include a car, so he would have to buy one for himself, in case he is interested in expand his vast car collection.

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