Learn How to Save Fuel in Your Car

Learn How to Save Fuel in Your Car

Besides being common sense the idea of preserving natural resources, the price of gasoline is making even the least ecologic conscious people think twice. No matter what is your motivation, here are some tips for saving on gas from the specialists of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, ASE.

Keep an eye on your tires. Tires with incorrect air pressure or misaligned wheels can make you waste money on gas. Let the tires cool down before you check their inflation. Uneven tire waste might be a sign that your wheels are out of proper alignment. They should be aligned with a professional.

Remove the excess weight from your car. Remove unnecessary items from it. Keep only what is essential in the trunk. Less weight means better gas mileage.

Combine errands so you drive less avoiding unnecessary short trips. If possible, drive when the traffic is not heavy. Stop and go traffic is not good for mileage either.

Avoid idling. Turn off your car when waiting for friends and family. Observe the speed limits. Going over them may reduce your gas mileage.

Drive gently. Sudden accelerations waste gas. Anticipate the traffic speed ahead and adjust your speed gradually.

Use windows and air conditioner wisely. Your mileage will increase if you keep your windows closed on the highway. This is true even while using the air conditioner if your car is in good work conditions.

Keep your engine tuned. A fine-tuned engine works efficiently, maximizing gas mileage. Follow the maintenance schedule in your car owner’s manual. Replace filters and fluids as recommended. Correct engine working conditions (bad acceleration, rough idling, etc) by a professional. Given the complexity of technology present in your car nowadays, it is important that services performed in your car be done by certified technicians.

Those are the tips for gas savings that will also help to extend the useful life of your vehicle.

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