After Being Caught, Police Officer Applies Fine to Himself for Speeding

After Being Caught, Police Officer Applies Fine to Himself for Speeding

The police chief of the little city of Oklahoma stated that he issued a fine against himself for speeding. Justin Burch was caught after a video captured him speeding without a doubt.

Justin Burch posted an apology on his Facebook page saying he was “wrong for driving at 75 and 80 mph”.

The officer admitted not being sure if he would have issued a fine against himself if there isn’t a video proving it. He also said he had a “reason to be in a hurry”. Despite that, he accepted being charged for his mistake. The fine value? US$300.00

This story shows how seriously this country deals with traffic laws. Therefore be extra careful, especially on highways. If in many of them there isn’t cameras present yet, it is known are around with portable radars to catch lawbreaker drivers.

Summer is around the corner. Naturally, there will be an increase in road patrolling, with the addition of motorcycles. If those who don’t have an American driver’s license must be alert the whole time, then during summer the attention must be doubled.

If fines are applicable even to those who are responsible for applying them…  With this in mind, as the Americans say: “Drive safe”

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