Safety Driving is a Way to Keep Money in Your Pockets

Safety Driving is a Way to Keep Money in Your Pockets

Whenever you go driving anywhere, there is a good chance somebody will say “drive safely”. It is a common habit that’s full of good will. It is also an advice that, if followed, could save hundreds and even thousands of dollars every year.

This would be a big transformation when you are actually just doing what you are supposed to do – avoiding accidents and reducing or eliminating bills like fines, legal fees, etc.

To start, there are obvious advantages you obtain practicing safe driving. Driving safe means avoiding damages to your vehicle; preventing you and others to get hurt, work absences, etc. Another less obvious and yet very important consequence of safe driving is a significantly reduced insurance premium.

So next time somebody says “drive safely” to you, you can reply that you plan on doing it. Most drivers know that, either through their own experience or through hears saying, driving tickets and infractions while driving can result in insurance premium increase.

There is also another way to keep your insurance premiums low: insured drivers who can keep a clean driving record for long.

It works the following way: the insured account is revised in regular intervals. If there are no pendent problems that would otherwise make the premium increase, the discounts are applied and the premium is reduced. This is usually done every six months, during the policy renewal and while the driver keep a clean driving record. The discounts will add up until they reach a maximum value determined by the insurance company. This is usually up to 20% discount but it can happen to be up to 50% discount from the normal rate.

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