Temperatures Dropping… It’s Time to Prepare the Vehicle for the Rigorous Winter!

Temperatures Dropping… It’s Time to Prepare the Vehicle for the Rigorous Winter!

If you leave in a place where the cold weather is a reality, you should prepare your car for snow. That is, new tires in the winter. Not all drivers change their tires into snow tires. Instead, they trust in their all-weather tires to face snow, ice, mud and cold. Happily for those people, there is a new kind called all-season tire in the market.

The difference between the all-weather tires and the all-season ones is the presence of a pictogram on the sidewall called the three-pick mountain snowflake (3PMSF). This symbol means the tire was tested and approved to withstand at least 110% of traction when compared with a similar size all-weather tire.

Tires with this feature are adequate to winter conditions and they do not need to be changed over to regular tires in spring. This is an ideal situation in markets where snow tires are mandatory like in Quebec (Canada) and many countries from North Europe.

One of the first all-season tires to arrive in the USA is the BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT, which come with a 60,000 to a 65,000 mile warranty making its warranty compatible even for a few seasons without the 3PMSF. The warranty of a tire is one of the most important things you should consider when replacing your tires.

If you need tires for freezing temperatures, black ice and other hard weather conditions, consider exchanging your tires during wintertime.

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