The equipment for Your Safety

The equipment for Your Safety

Dash cams” adds to your safety in case of accident. It can also monitor the safety of your car and your home. After the collision happens, usually the law enforcement arrives to study the accident scene and determine who is wrong. With this equipment, the occurrence will be studied with the help of the camera helping out the driver who is not at fault in the situation.

What usually happens is buying the equipment after the accident. Despite that, drivers are more and more decided to install cameras, especially in luxury models. See the benefits of a dash cam:

“Black box” for your car. Police officers consider a number of sources to find who is to blame in an accident, including the accident scene, drivers and witnesses. These three by themselves can generate conflicting perspectives.

Cameras can show an impartial description of the situation, as long as they can capture the scene.

Imagine two drivers arguing about the color of the traffic light in the moment of the collision. The equipment will also capture the drivers who infringe the law, which can be used as evidence. To obtain as many images as possible consider features like the following ones:

Double channel: This feature means there’s also a rear camera to monitor the front and the rear.

HD resolution: Many car cameras record images in HD 720p or up to 1080p – Full HD.

Night View: Even without external lights, images can be recorded.

Wide View cameras: A wide angle of view will be useful to capture the road and what is around it.

A dash cam can double as a safety camera: Manufacturers recommend buying one with parking mode feature. It helps monitor vehicles even when parked. The camera turns on when detects movement or when something hits the car.

The parking mode feature is handy for public parking lots, parking lots with low illumination, sidewalks. It can also detect suspicious people walking around your property.

Installation cost: Price and features vary. Contact us and find out how to obtain a safety camera.

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