Is tire rotation really necessary for your vehicle?

Is tire rotation really necessary for your vehicle?

When a driver purchases a vehicle, the journey is just beginning. There are many little things that are actually quite important, such as oil changes and tire service. Besides basic maintenance of fluid levels, one of the most important elements of keeping one's car healthy and safe is frequent tire service.

Your tires are a safety system on your vehicle. They maintain traction with the road, keeping your car moving in the direction you want it to go. If your tires can’t get good traction, you may begin to skid or slide, ending up off the road, or in an accident with another vehicle.

A tire service should consist of your mechanic checking the tires for potential damage, tread wear, air pressure levels, and the condition of the sidewalls. A tire rotation may also become necessary at some point in time. This means that the wheels and tires are "rotated" around to other positions on the car. The main purpose is to ensure that the wear and tear on the tread are occurring evenly on all four tires.

You may be asking, “Is tire rotation necessary?” As you drive, the tread on your tires wear. In nearly all vehicles, the tires on the primary drive wheels wear predominantly. That means on a front wheel drive car, the front tires will wear out more. On a rear wheel drive car, it’s the rear tires that wear out more quickly. In order for the tires to wear evenly, the tires need to be changed from the front to the back and vice versa.

How Often Should You Do a Tire Rotation for Your Vehicle?

For optimum tread life and safe operation, have your tires rotated by a professional mechanic every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, or as recommended in your owner’s manual. However, if your mechanic advises that your tires need to be rotated before the recommended interval due to their condition, it would be a good idea to heed the recommendation.

Tips to Remember: To improve the safety of your vehicle, make tire rotation one of your regular maintenance stops!

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