Man drives stolen auto to court to answer auto robbery allegation, police say

Man drives stolen auto to court to answer auto robbery allegation, police say

Ineptitude exists on an unending range. This unfathomable field can make it hard to precisely quantify exactly how dumb somebody or some demonstration can be. There are individuals who don't wear a safety belt or will content while driving. Those demonstrations are dumb on the grounds that they put individuals in danger of damage, be it yourself or others. There are additionally individuals like 25-year-old Jonathan Rivera. As indicated by the Associated Press, Rivera appeared to court in Hartford, Conn., to answer a charge over a stolen auto — and arrived by driving a stolen auto.

Rivera was accused of first-degree robbery and messing with an engine vehicle. That robbery happened back in February. While Rivera was at court chatting with a judge about that charge, stopping officers were examining tags in the courthouse parking area. They detected an auto that had been accounted for stolen, so officers sat tight for a driver to return. Police say Rivera was captured as he attempted to head out.

Two new charges were included — second-degree theft and taking an engine vehicle without the proprietor's authorization. Possibly he's going for a cap trap, or, in the event that he needs to keep things straightforward, take an auto straight from the courthouse parking garage.

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