SOf course you love your car; but you also like to keep your daily agenda and fulfill your commitments

That’s why when your car is being repaired, a rental car can be a great advantage. What to say if you can setup everything in one place?

You leave your car to be repaired at Simon’s Auto Body and resume your busy day in a rental car. We offer our customers a line of rental cars. We work for you so that your insurance company pay for it/ or we offer you competitive priced ones. Everything easy with no hassle. Always thinking on your comfort and convenience.

Custom Rate Plan

Simon's Auto Body offers straight forward rate plans that make renting easy for you. Enjoy the benefits of your rate plan at Simon's Auto Body.

Month-Or-More Rental Plan

When you need a car, truck or a van for a month or more, you'll find it at Simon's Auto Body. It's our Month-Or-More Rental Plan.

  • Great savings off our already low monthly rates
  • Ideal for corporate relocations, temporary work assignments or interns
  • Can be used while waiting for a new fleet car
  • Short-term rental flexibility, with long-term discounts
  • 24-hour roadside assistance